Frases para mujeres chingonas

Frases para mujeres chingonas

frases buchonas para mujeres

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The phrases of confident women show us a profile of women very different from the one we could see in other times. Now we find more confident women capable of developing both personally and professionally, always ready to achieve goals that, until recently, were reserved for men.

This phrase for strong and fighting women uses a metaphor about the way of dressing that women are criticized so much to show that, despite the external appearance, the most important thing a human being can have is a strong and confident personality.If you like this kind of quotes, you will love this other article about Self-love phrases.

Warrior woman phrases describe us a fighter woman capable of facing life with courage, strength and confidence. They are phrases that can help the whole society to understand that both women and men should enjoy the same opportunities when it comes to achieving success.But also, these phrases are perfect if you want to dedicate some nice quote to a struggling mother or a friend who is going through a bad time. Whatever your need, these quotes will bring a big smile to your face.

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9.- “I represent the successful Mexican woman who doesn’t give up. I’m not a quitter. I never was “10 .- “I don’t think I’m the divine heron, I am the divine heron “11 .- “Once a journalist asked me very rudely: ‘You like to talk about yourself, right?’, and I replied: ‘I prefer to speak well of me to speak badly of others'”12 .- “It is not difficult to be pretty, it is difficult to know how to be!”

16.- “For a man to know what the woman of his house is like, he needs to try others. Also the woman. The thing must be even “17 .- “I am an extremely antisocial woman, I prefer to have the attention of a single brilliant man than that of a horde of imbeciles “18 .- “Do not give me advice, I can make mistakes alone” 19.

If all men were as ugly as you, of course I would be a lesbian”, she answered to a reporter in Argentina who questioned her sexual preferences.You may like this:

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The history of women does not have a starting date. It is a story that has been hidden behind the patriarchal system established and accepted in society.  In phrases of life we show you these phrases of strong women that give voice to the history of women who have fought from the shadows for centuries, and that mark the revolution of feminism.

Throughout history there are many women who have fought for their rights, for the recognition of their merits, whether artistic, professional, or simply human. A struggle that is called gender equality, and that, to this day, is still going on thanks to many women who continue to make their mark on the road.

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