Tablon edictal unico boe

Tablon edictal unico boe

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A new supplement is born in the BOE, with free and universal access for four months. The insertion in it replaces the various bulletins and bulletin boards where resolutions and judicial communications were published, giving a reliable date to the publication. The judicial bodies will have in the judicial office an automated system for the forwarding and management of edicts, controlled by the lawyer of the Administration of Justice.

This legislative reform, which has important practical advantages, is complemented by Law 3/2020, of September 18, which establishes the essential characteristics of the aforementioned notice board, using as a vehicle for this purpose the reform of Law 18/2011, of July 5, regulating the use of information and communication technologies in the Administration of Justice. See summary.

The judicial bodies will have an automated system for the forwarding and management of edicts, which may be requested from the judicial office, and always under the control and responsibility of the Legal Counsel of the Administration of Justice. The system seeks to guarantee the independence and singularity of the jurisdictional function. In this regard, Article 19.6 provides: “The power to order the insertion of procedural acts to be published in the TEJU Supplement corresponds to the Courts and Tribunals under the terms provided by the procedural rules”.

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If you have committed a traffic infraction, you will normally receive the notifications derived from the sanctioning procedure at your home address. That is why it is very important that you keep your postal address updated for notification purposes.

You can consult the notice board whenever you want, in order to keep up to date with the sanctions that you may receive for infringing the traffic regulations, but you should know that we have at your disposal the Electronic Road Address, an electronic notification service. From the moment you sign up, we will send all notifications to your electronic mailbox, so you will not have to worry about changes of address or if you travel a lot. We will notify you with an email and SMS every time you have a new fine.

You will be able to know if you have edicts published, together with the information related to each one of them, such as, for example, which Administration has ordered the publication, for which infraction, what are the deadlines to appeal, etc.

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The Government has approved a Royal Decree Law to streamline and facilitate the communication of judicial edicts. The objective is to advance in the process of modernization and digitalization of the Administration of Justice, since the Tablón seeks the full computerization and unification of the publication of judicial edicts, putting an end to the dispersion in physical notice boards in different official gazettes.

A global notification model will be configured, in which the two edict boards -judicial and administrative- will be offered from the BOE platform, although maintaining their own independence and singularities.

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The European Commission establishes the roadmap to accelerate the European digital transformation until 2030 with a clear objective of ensuring interoperability at all administrative levels.

Resolution of July 22, 2021, of the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence, approving the Data Model Interoperability Technical Standard for the exchange of entries between registry entities.

The European Commission proposes the reform of the eIDAS Regulation to provide citizens with European digital identity wallets that allow them to access electronic services throughout the EU.

The regulation empowers trusted e-service providers to identify applicants for qualified certificates non-face-to-face, by video, using new technologies such as biometric facial recognition systems.

The European Commission intends to lead this project at a global level by proposing actions and a regulatory framework to regulate the use of AI in a way that ensures security and fundamental rights.

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